Mobile Laser Scanning

Automated Road Assets  Inventory


The extraction of useful information from 3D laser datasets often requires many hours of manual inspection. It might for example be necessary to manually inspect the dataset to identify specific objects. The solutions of GeoSignum reduce the need for human interpretation thereby increasing accuracy and reduce human error. 

With the methodologies developed by GeoSignum, objects can be extracted, modeled and mapped for all significant road assets including: 



  •     Traffic sign 


    Crash barriers

    Street lights

    Power lines




    Road edges

    paint markings 

    Sound barriers

    Planar surfaces

    Pole-like objects



      And more ..






Road Geometry

GeoSignum provides services with the unique solutions in road geometry analysis using mobile laser scanning data. With the unique methodologies developed by GeoSignum, changes in the existing road alignment geometry, road curvature and cross-slopes can be automatically calculated and mapped. In addition to this, road surfaces and road edges-lines can be automatically extracted in a very short time for further analysis or a new engineering design.  


Road surface

Road alignment geometry

Degree and radius of curvature

Longitudinal grading

Road edges, center lines and width

And more … 




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